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Dr. Gal Ben-David, Founder and Manager
Dr. Ben-David holds B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude), M.Sc. and Ph.D. degress, all in
Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Haifa Israel (1987,1990,1994 respectively).
His main interests are in Digital Communication and Digital Signal Processing.
Gal also holds an MBA degree from the Technion business school, 2002.

1993-1995 VP for R&D with Product Computers, Haifa.
Leader of “MICHAL” - a natural language understanding project.

1995-1997: Consultant and Development
QText – DOS and Windows Fax communication application
Zoran – Reed Solomon decoder for DVD chip

1997-1999: VP Engineering with Itamar Medical, Caesarea.
Responsibilities in Itamar included supervision of R&D projects as well as
participating in CE, FDA and ISO9001 regulation activities.

2000-2001 CTO with See-RT, Nazaretrh Illit
Development of an interactive TV application

2002 - Consultant and Development
Zoran – Real Time video stabilizer
Acoustitech – Medical device for the general practitioner
OB Tool – Medical device for early labor diagnosis

2000 – Guest lecturer at the Technion
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing – Electrical Engineering Department
Introduction to Numerical Optimization –Electrical Engineering Department
Introduction to Digital Communication for managers – MBA Program
Introduction to Digital Communication for System Engineers – Master in Systems
Engineering Program



  The Galium Aparine (English: Goose-grass, German: Klettenlabkraut, French: gaillet gratteron, Hebrew: Dveka Zifanit ) grows naturally in Israel, and known to have medical applications. The Naturopathic medicine applies parts of the herb for treatment in cases of tumors, swollen lymph glands, etc.